Streaming Textures after Build Lighting

My project is open-world. I have made a very large map and it’s content is starting to get bigger. Yesterday I found out that after doing “Build Lighting Only”, even if the Lighting Quality is “Preview”, I start to see “Streaming Textures” notification pop up almost all the time while using the editor. And this lowers the quality of the game a lot.

How can I get rid of that?

Hello tongucci,

What you are seeing is your textures that are streaming exceeding the pool size of what can be calculated.

Enter this into your console command to change the pool size to 2000 and increase from there.

r.Streaming.PoolSize 2000

To get to your console commands press the " `/~ " while you have your viewport active.

This should solve the issue.

Hey ,
2000 for the pool size did just fine. Also thanks for the info about console. With my keyboard I had to set a special key in order to make it work.

Do I have to enter this command every time I open the editor?