Streaming sublevel to an object in persistent level

Hello everyone. It’ll be great if you could help me out dear developers.
So I want to have flash light, with the custom cone , but instead of light, I want it to show sub level. Like streaming sub level, to a cone of light in to persistent level. Think of it, as a moving portal, attached to a cone of light. For instance, I have 2 cubes. In persistent level, i have red one, and in sub level, I have green one. When the player walks to a red cube, and light of the flashlight overlaps it, let’s say in a middle, you can see both green and red cube simultaneously. When you move light a little lower for example, you can see only red bottom of the cube. So imagine silent hill world change, but in a real time, and this scary world, you can only see through a light source , which is your light cone of flashlight .
I hope you got it guys, thanks in advance.
Also, I want these two level to be interactive.