strange white edge on my props

hey guys , im new to unreal 4 so dont flame =P
anywayz i got some strange white edges on my leafs of my tree and on the grass .
when i come closer to the tree or the grass the white edge disappears how can i fix that white edge ,
thanks for the helpers =)

Hello discriptus,

To me this looks like a lightmap or material issue since it is happening on the smaller pieces of geometry of your meshes. Would you mind showing me the build settings and UV’s of the static meshes you are experiencing issues?

To do this, simply find the Static Mesh asset within the content browser and double-click to open it within the static mesh editor. Use the image below as reference as what I am looking for as well as the areas that could be the cause of the issue.

Static Mesh Editor

I have put borders around the areas in which to focus your attention.

Let me know if you are having trouble finding or understanding the information within the static mesh editor.

Thank you,

problem solved that was a mipmaps texture problem

What was the actual solution to your problem? Others, as well as I would benefit from that.

It sounds like he had not established mip maps for his textures which coincide with LODs. If you have improper mips or none at all, then your forcing that texture to be rendered at its set resolution. This in turn can cause other textures to be streamed out of memory if they are occupying too much of the texture memory pool.