Strange Shadows

Hello, I’m pretty new to UE4, but i have followed some tutorials and videos, so i have a little of experience. Here is my problem. I have built a object in 3ds max and exported it into .obj and .fbx files to test what is better. Anyways, when i build lighting, i get some strange shadows. I have looked at multiple posts regarding shadow quality to fix this problem but having no luck.

I have changed the lightmas resolution.
Built multiple UV’s for debugging.
There are no overlapping UV’s.
Changed the Index channel and such.
Engine Shadow Quality is set to Medium.

This is totally a newbie mistake, just looking for the solution.


I think your problem in mesh which receive shadows. If in scene BSP, in Details of this BSP you need change Lightmap Resolution. Lower number is a higher quality of lightmap. If this static mesh, then in mesh editor you need set highest number for lightmap resolution.

Thanks! That solved it!