Strange Shadows

Hello! My friend and I have been working with Blender and UE4 and we came across a little lighting issue with one of our meshes. Here is a pic to show you:

I’m new to Unreal so any info on what those overlapping shadow things by the bowl are and how to fix them would be great! Thanks!

Hi ,

Does this only occur with your static mesh or have you been able to reproduce this with other meshes? I am attempting to reproduce it on our end to see if it is a bug, however I have been unable to thus far. Here is a link to the FBX content pipeline which may provide further assistance to you:

Have a great day!

We’ve taken a look at the content pipeline and we are following most of what it says to do. Any ideas of what would be causing the strange shadows?

Can you post screenshots of your material and mesh properties?

Here they are. If you need anymore let me know

That isn’t the same material you have on the mesh previously. Do you get the same result with this white, rough material as well?

Also, you have way too many polygons for an object like this. For testing purposes i suggest using a much lower poly bowl and see how it works.

Oh yeah, it can mean something. Make sure the bounds of collision box takes all of the object in it if you are using it as a physics asset.

Yes, when using the white material it has the same result. However when, if this means anything, when I originally import my model the shadow is all blocky and messed up. If I hit “simulate physics” the shadow looks like it coming from the bowl, however the weird overlapping shadow things (which is show in the above posts) occurs.

The same issue occurs even with the collision box taking up all the object. Could it have something to do with our lightmaps?

That shadow depends on the floor mesh’s lightmap, not the bowl’s. While the bowl’s lightmap UV’s aren’t perfect i don’t think that is the case.

Have you tried importing another mesh and using it for physics sim. so far? If you aren’t getting the same issue with other imported meshes i’d suggest dumping this and making a new one.

I tired it with another mesh and the problem did not occur. However, the blocky shadows were only create by the sun and not by other light sources. Also, when I use a light other than the sun, the problem still occurs when I try and simulate physics and move away from the bowl.

Change the lightmap resolution on the floor to a small value like 8.0 (default is 32.0), or increase the resolution on the static mesh (double click on it to open the static mesh editor.