Strange shadow in corners


I have a huge problem with lighting in my small project. I have a bathroom with 4 point lights and 2 directional lights one coming from heaven and one from hell. I solved about 90% of my problems but there is one more. I have a problem with strange shadow in corners. I understand that there could be shadow in corner but it’s not acceptable when one wall is covered in shadow and the second one is bright. I would be gratefull if someone could help me :slight_smile: Point lights are placed in small gray circles visible of first image. The second image shows my problem.

This could be a lightmap uv layout problem. Try some of the suggestions found in this document: UDK Lightmap Common Problems, Errors and Solutions
There is also some useful information here:
I hope that helps.

my first thought is if these pieces of geo are just inter-penetrating this could also have a strange effect on the lighting. I would recommend using a 3d application like maya or 3d studio max to make your walls and make sure your verts are merged. or simply create a large square in unreal 4 additive, and then a smaller square subtractive, and create a room like that. I think you will find if your walls are not just going through each other the lighting will be fixed in that area.

This ones less likely I cant say for sure, but it could be that you have ambient occlusion on. Ambient occlusion is a fake shadow type, you probably know this, but the shadow is made from two objects being close to each other. In your case id guess because the walls are a 90 degree angle the corner would get that shadow.

From a design standpoint its to clean, needs its normal map and a bunch of grunge. maybe a tiny bit of reflection with some blur to it. and a spec layer. good luck