Stereo Movie Rendering Fixed Frame Issue


Might be some sort of my failure, but it seems that when capturing a movie with Stereo Movie Plugin on 4.12.4 BP version of engine, the editor ignores fixed framerate setting.

In my case it doesn’t follow the setting of fixed framerate of 60 FPS, which results in progressing far to fast to render a proper number of png. images.

The problem doesn’t occur on 4.11.2 or 4.12.3.

Hey mmspiatek,

I’m not seeing this issue in my testing. Are you setting a fixed framerate in the project settings or via cmd arguments?

Hi mmspiatek,

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Im getting the same result as above.


Actually, I managed to run stereoscopic capture plugin properly on 4.12.5. I launched game by clicking “play in standalone game” after setting “-usefixedtimestep -fps=60” in “Play” section in Editor Preferences. Works great and 360 renderings are awesome, even in this very moment I have 3 PCs working hard on my new 360 clip :slight_smile:

Hi mm spiatek
i also have the same problem with the fixed frame rate, just want to ask if this was what u did in your settings? thanks

Pretty sure just using command line solves the problems.