Stereo 360 Capture No Shadows Right Eye

Hello. I’m using the ‘UE4 Stereo 360 Movie Export Plugin’ by Kite & Lightning to capture a stereoscopic panoramic movie for the Gear VR.

The issue that I’m having is that there are no dynamic shadows being cast in the right eye but only for the left eye. Take a look at the screenshot I’ve attached.

Does anyone know a fix for this and/or why this is happening?


hello, i realize that this is an old post, but ive just built engine with this plugin, and i cant find any documentation, can you tell me how did you get it working ? the “how to” on reddit post did not work
SP.PanoramicMovie always crashes editor
can you please write quick simple step by step guide?
thank you, it would really help me

Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

Same problem here and there is not solution yet. :c

Same problem here with 4.12.5

On the Blog they say that it will bei fixed in 4.11 but i can not realize this. commenting out the described line in the USCENECAPTURER.cpp didnt fix it either.

Commenting out the line mentioned at step 5 fixes the issue.

has this been fixed in newer engine versions? i fail to rebuild the plugin in VS

Finally! Success here a short howto:

Get VS 2015.
Create new C++ Project.
Create a Plugins Folder in the Project Root.
Copy Plugin Source.
Comment out CaptureComponent->CaptureStereoPass = InStereoPass;
Build the sln Project.
Pray to the gods (any will do).
Copy the hopefully built plugin back to the unreal plugins/experimental folder.
Enjoy shadows on the right eye.

Had the same problem, but after changing the directional light from movable to static (and I think also to stationary) the problem disappeared.