Steam overlay (sdk 136, 132) not working on c++ project

Updated the sdk, everything is working as long as i dont add a c++ class. overlay works on standalone game launching it from editor. i know its not my project’s fault cause i replicated the bug with the multiplayer shootout.

  • Create multiplayer shootout project
  • Test on working engine with steam sdk136 (project works)
  • Add c++, compile, rebuild.
  • Steam overlay stops working but still works on Standalone game, from editor.

am i missing something? i seriously dont think its my engine build because it works as long as its c++ free.

Updated: Just tested with a Clean UE4 4.11.2 and it shows the same symptoms.

Hello jblaswu,

In the example of using Multiplayer Shootout, it starts as a Blueprint only project. After adding code, this makes the project into a C++ project which also adds a couple steps if you’re using Steam Integration. You can find more information on those steps using this tutorial, under the “Linking The OnlineSubsystemSteam Module” section. Could you give it a try after adding those entries?

Edit: Grammar issues :slight_smile:

That was it. i followed Allar’s tutorial on how to update the sdk, didnt know there were extra steps for c++ projects. Thanks