Stationary lights added dynamically on mobile

This is how the game looks at the PC: Game Jolt - Games for the love of it
This is how it looks on the mobile/android: (The phone I use is an OnePlus One)(stationary lights added with each tile dont work, yes mobile HDR is on):

What can I do about it?

Hello Zarkopfilis,

So, step me through what exactly you are experiencing. You are saying that your stationary lights are not working. What specifically are they doing that you are expecting? Are the lights not showing up at all or not behaving in the way that you would expect them to? If they are not working at all, step me through how you set them up and give me a screenshot of one of them inside of the Unreal Editor. If they are not behaving in a way that you would expect. Then I would try changing them to static and then re package after building the lighting.

Let me know what you find out.


Can’t you tell the difference between the two links? They dont work at all

The problem is not solved


Unreal does not yet support lights and emissive particle systems other than emissive materials and directional/ambient lights. A simple hack would be to have a sphere with scale->0 instead of a point light , with an emissive material.

Hey, these are the images. The first link takes me to a collection of images while the second takes me to just one. Not exactly sure what I should be comparing in this situation. I’ve brought up what I think you are referring to where there are heavily saturated areas and then the second is entirely black. As I have not worked on your game nor do I know your workflow it’s important I know exactly what you are referring to, what methods you used, and how exactly you are expecting them to look. So what I’m gathering is the heavily saturated light in the first image is on PC and this is what you want to translate to the Mobile. Let me know if all of this is correct and we can get started diagnosing the problem.

  • Can you tell me what version of the android you are using? GPU
  • Do you have any static lights in your game?
  • If so what kind are they? Point Light or Spot Light?
  • Do you have any reflections or reflecting volumes in your scene?

I am also going to link our source for the Mobile Game Development section in our documentation. After you have gone back and checked all of these things and looked through our documentation to see if you have/haven’t done something that would cause your game not to function properly let me know.


No reflecting volumes. Every tile has acouple of dynamic point lights. Walls have emissive materials as well as the items on the ground. OnePlus One running CM12S (Android L).

Thank you for the additional information this has helped me narrow it down considerably. Currently Dynamic Point lights are unsupported on mobile platforms. This is something we are hoping to improve upon in the future. I would recommend looking into some of that documentation and using some of their recommended lighting builds. There is a section in that link that deals solely with lighting for the mobile platform.


Zarkopafilis did you ever find a solution for this? I have the same issue with you my runner game. Not as flashy as yours but same issue.

You can see my similar issues in this link.