StaticMesh doesn't cast shadows. Lightsource is Stationary

Hello guys,
I just finished reading and learning all about lighting (at least the high level things).
I wanted to test it by building a quick scene. But i run into problems: the chair and all other objects (StaticMeshs) doesn’t cast shadows, even though they are set to Static and the lightsource (Point Light) is Stationary. (It should or am I completley wrong here?)

Here is the scene:

Here are the settings for the chair (for example):

However, when I set the PointLight to Moveable, the objects (still Static) do cast shadows:

Note: I hit build before i made those screenshots.

Can somebody help me please?
What am I doing wrong? The objects are supposed to cast shadows, when the Lightsource is Stationary and the objects are Static, aren’t they?

Thank you