Static meshes not loading instantaneously

The problem is that the meshes behind other meshes are not loading up instantaneously and for a split second nothing is rendered. You can see an example in this gif:


As you can see the meshes behind my door are taking a bit to load and appear, leaving blank spots.
Does anyone know what this is caused from and how to fix it ?

That’s because culled objects are appearing one frame later. It’s the way culling works right now but i dont know if it will change in the future. There was a thread on this topic in rendering section of the forum a couple of months ago, try to find that for more detailed information.

The way to fix it is to increase bounds scale of the meshes. It affects the performance as you can imagine so try to limit that to the most obvious spots.

how do I do that ? is this the right option to tweak ? :

Select the meshes in the level > Details panel > Rendering > Bounds Scale.

Thank you !