Static Mesh reimport not updating Vertex Colors

This is something i noticed a lot while working with particle meshes since i use vertex colors for different effects.
when i change the vertex colors in blender, export them to fbx (overwrite old file) and then use the reimport button inside ue4 it successfully reimports the mesh but the vertex colors stay unchanged.

wow i feel stupid now. when expanding the import options there is a setting for vertex color import with the default on “ignore” (i guess so that your work inside ue4 does not get lost)…
worked against me here

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Don’t feel stupid… I couldn’t figure this out either. Thank you for posting your solution. Maybe this option should be defaulted to checked??

No, it shouldn’t be default, because the majority of people change the vertex color in the editor. Most famous example is using the vertex color like a paint on walls and grounds to lerp 2 textures together for variety. I think cloth simulation is also saved in vertex color. If you re-import your mesh from your 3d app, all your work would be lost, that’s why the default doesn’t override.

Ah, a very good point. I don’t use vertex painting in the editor, only in the 3D program so I am in the minority it seems! I’m betting there are ways to save to different channels but that’s all above me. This can surely be closed then! Thank you all.

This also affects custom custom LOD imports. Thus, the mesh itself should have color set attributes transferred from an external 3D app (i.e. LOD0 > LOD1), if wanting to get the same/baked vert colors from the LOD0 to custom LODs.

in the Staic Mesh Asset Editor, details pannel