Static Mesh is not colliding with LineTrace in BP

I am working on a Project , so i made a FPS player with TPP BP and Placed a Static Mesh in same BP just some distance far from camera .

On enabling LineTrace , I found that LineTrace from Camera is not colliding with That Static Mesh but is colliding with other Meshes placed in the world.

Tried Changing collision settings of Mesh , No Help

Can anyone give an insight of what might be problem.

posting Screenshot of issue.

Is your line trace ignoring itself? I’m pretty sure that is default setting.

can you elaborate on what you just said!

camera (producing linetrace) and mesh(sphere) are 2 different objects but in same blueprint , it can’t just ignore another mesh !

and any solution for this!

On your blueprint node which you are doing the line trace there is a ignore self option I took a screenshot showing it. And ignore self is going to ignore any child of your blueprint or any components as well.


hey thanks , that actually worked , such a trivial detail !
should focus on description more

can you help me with another query of mine ?

can you briefly describe about how to acquire hit result with this mesh ?
i was able to apply hitevent of mesh but bp is actually returning ‘true’ for collision with every mesh including this.

you mean like the name of what your line trace hit or location it hit? If your right click on out hit and split it or drag off and break it. You will get a long list of the end line trace location.

i want to enable collision with this mesh only , ignoring all other actors in a scene or level and manipulate it according to preferences!

Create a custom trace channel which only that gets effected by that. Sorry for the selayed response in the middle of a move and sont have internet right now.