Static lights count toward stationary light count?

I know about the limit to the number of channels in stationary light shadow maps, but I also get a red X over a stationary light when it overlaps with more than 3 other lights, even if those lights are static. Why do static lights count towards the stationary light limit?

This appears to be a bug in the blueprint visualisation as it only shows up inside blueprints for light fixtures with multiple lights in them.

I’m actually getting this issue on regular static meshes in my scene. Seems to happen after I move a static light and it becomes dynamic for preview.

Hi -

I’m fairly sure that this was a known and reported issue at the time, but I could not find a ticket in our JIRA ticketing system for this.

Checking this in 4.10.2 I’m no longer seeing the issue. If you feel the issue is still happening feel free to post any details and I can investigate accordingly.

Thank you!


Thanks Tim. I’ll grab 4.10.2 and check for it. Also People should know about the flag in blueprint for rendering movable as static being the valid way to lightmap blueprints and that merely setting the mesh to static can cause the same issues.