Static lighting problem on shared streaming level

Hey guys,

In my game, all the levels take place within the same building. So I’ve made the building a streaming level and stream it into each of my game levels.

It looks something like:

Level 1 (Persistent Level) 

Repeat for Levels 2 thru n. In this set up the game level specific stuff lives in the Persistent Level (i.e. spawn point, objectives, pawns, triggers, etc.) and everything else is streamed in (i.e. walls, floors, ceilings, doors, sky, etc.)

The Issue:

I learned early on that if I want to build static lighting I’d have to have the Streamed_Building level loaded on it’s own or else I’d have shadows of non-existent game level objects propagated throughout the building. That’s fine, I can work around that.

But what I’m discovering now is that in Stand-alone/Packaged builds I’m getting different lighting results when my level is streamed in vs. loaded directly.

This is the expected result and what I see if I do ~open Streamed_Building.

However, this is what it looks like when the building is streamed in. 

So my question is, what should I do? I’m going to investigate inverting my streaming set up to see if that might resolve the issue - but I’ll curious to hear what the community is saying about this issue.




Streaming in the level details AFTER the environment can/does resolve the lighting issue but gives me grief when it comes to playing in the editor because it’s all one .umap now with GameLevel# included as a sub-levels

I don’t think this is a sensible development path.