Static Lighting Level Scale fixes light smoothing but breaks light edges.

Ok, sorry for the horrid title. I don’t know the correct terminology.

So, I’ve been having problems with this:

Someone told me to fix it I should adjust the Static Lighting Level Scale to .1, which worked (I think):

The darkness on the bottom of the center tile looks kind of odd, so if you know how to fix that, I’m all ears. But for the most part it’s fixed.

BUT, changing this variable broke the edges of some shadows shown here:

Yes, my Static Lighting Resolution is higher than default for my terrain. It looks like what it’s supposed to look like when the Static Lighting Level Scale is put to 1. But when it’s at .1, that happens.

I’ve tried to get a middle ground but it doesn’t want to work - at .3 the tiles are still blocky but the edges are already messed up! So I wanted to ask if there was anything else I could try to fix this.

In case it’s important - the walls are the static mesh “Wall_Door_400x400” and “Wall_400x400” from the starter content with “M_Concrete_Tiles” material, and the terrain, which is the floor, has “M_Concrete_Tiles” applied to it as well.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Asusralis,

This looks like you’ll want to increase the Lightmap Resolution of the assets you’re using in your scene.