Static lighting appearing in wrong place

Hi there! I’m having some troubles with my static lighting, in the image below you can see the toilet on the left with light on it but there is no lights with their attenuation radius hitting that toilet. The light is coming from the light that I have selected which is far from the toilet so I don’t know how that is affecting the toilet, this is a static light by the way.

My settings here are…
Static Lighting Level - 1.0

Num Indirect Lighting Bounces - 100

Indirect Lighting Quality - 1.0

Indirect Lighting Smoothness - 1.0

Volume Light Samples - 0.1

I know lighting is a tricky subject but does anyone know why the static light is hitting an object far away and outside of the attenuation radius? Thanks!

Ahh I fixed it, set the indirect lighting intensity on that light to 0 and it solved the problem!