Stair FBX/OBJ import use in UE4

Hi Good day, i have Stair FBX/Obj file import to UE4, but my Character can’t walk or stuck only at the front.

Check your collision and the height of the steps from the stair. Here are 3 ways how you can add a collision to your meshes:

Its only jar, you have any example for stair and its possible, not show from games (while running) that collision. Thanks.

Hi Peude,

The concept for making the collision is the same as has shown in his video.

For stairs simple collision like a ramp show in my image below will get you started.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Ok, Thanks Mr… I will try now…

I did separate this two, but collision not working from View1 (Photo).

From floor to the view3 (Photo). The collision is working but from view 4 and to the top not working.

And my Edit Asset from my stair. i can’t look or zoom to check my Collision.

Note: Zoom2 (photo) my model house is highlight is same parts of my projects. IF this Zoom2 can only view like this at . If i select Stair its look like “.” (dot) from view. :slight_smile:
Please help Thanks.

Could you post a picture of your collision setup? (or how you have made it) + make sure that you have disable “one convex hull per…” in your import settings

you can also try per-poly collision, or changing the step height to somthing heigher.

This will work, but it’s better to use a simpler collision :wink:

Hi, I tried to change to Use Simple Collision , but more worse no Collision
Note i did separate the foot step showing View0 and View1 (photo) for Handrail (Provide Support Design).

-Made in 3DS 2004 Export FBX/OBJ files.
-Stair working but Handrail Collision not working. Purpose to block the character to falling down.

  • Edit Asset zoom not working.

You have to set it to “use complex as simple” :wink: But as I said, create the collision in a 3d program → better for the performance. Could you post a picture of your collision setup in 3ds and the ue4? Or just upload the model and I will take a look at it

Ok, I will create you an example collision :wink:

Please check the attached files. I already separate left(s2.fbx) and right (s3.fbx) Handrail Thanks.

Take a look at this file: Make sure that you disable “one convex hull per…” in the import settings

I tried to export your files using FBX/Obj, but when i tried import to UE4.3.1 “Import Error” only your files i encounter when i exported.

Note: 3DS 2014 and FBX 2014 (Version: 2014.0.1)

UE4 Staff is busy to new release UE4.4 :wink:

Could you post a picture of your export and import settings?

Its normal or default import without change the advance setting.

And the setting same on attached files. The collision block working only on lower part not whole objects.

Note: You can test S2.fbx from this download site: MEGA