SSS and Lumen?

is it possible to achieve to this SSS effect as like as shown in the image with Lumen?
if it is, so how?

p.s. its Omniverse Render

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I suppose, yes?

Lumen deals with indirect lighting, and support for subsurface shading models just came in 5.0. I’m not entirely sure how it works, or how advanced the implementation is. Most previous SSS systems in unreal engine were based on screen-space, with the obvious limitations and a lack of backscattering I believe. There is ray-traced transmission for subsurface scattering, but how well that will work with other lumen effects is unknown.

So, could it work? Most likely. The implementation would depend on settings, scene composition, material and mesh setup, and a lot of other things. Achieving subsurface in unreal engine? Absolutely. Those particular models, that lighting, those materials? Not enough information to know.

And if that is Omniverse, which is entirely hardware ray/path traced depending on settings, then you would most likely see some different lighting behavior, as lumen is many different light transport techniques rolled into one.

I was just testing all the SSS Shader Solutions with Unreal.

In my opinion, the SSS Shader Profile doesn’t react like it should.
I made several posts about it.

The Demo file that was also provided by Epic shows clearly that the SSS Shader Profile doesn’t behave like a real physical accurate SSS Shader you might know from offline Raytracers like Vray.

Add a light behind an object, turn on transmission or not, and see the results.
It’s barely to see. The provided project file from Epic, doesn’t show any SSS effect on the scanned Head Asset.

The Subsurface Shader Model (not the SSS Shader Profile) lacks in Self Shadowing. It’s just not there.

I’ve never seen any clear render, demonstration, and project file that would have made a clear point showcasing the effect.

In 4.27 you could pick between Burley and non Burley.
Seems to be gone with 5.1

I also tested it with Metahumans, but same result.
Not very promising at this point, and not really clearly noticeable.

That’s my 50cents to that.

you see… a tiny bit on the ears… with an extreme backlight…

of course, geometry and light Scenario has to support the SSS Shader, otherwise you’ll have a hard time to see anything.

Would be dope to see a post from someone else, demonstrating a character shot you posted above… with tutorial, and setup, and provided project file.

would love to use it as well…
thanks, cheers

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Yes,We have the same problems,do you know how to deal with it?