SpotLight not switching on while in stealth mode

Hey everybody! Still pretty new to the Unreal. So hopefully I can explain my problem as best I can that makes sense, basically, I started with the top down template. In the character blueprint, I created a sort of light explosion that happens on the character, using the spawn emitter attached node, connected to an input node assigned to a button. This also switches on a spotlight on the character, and then slowly switches it off using the set attenuation radius and some delays.

It worked great and did what I wanted it to do. Then I bought the top down tool kit from the market place, as the better camera controls and built in stealth feature were needed, so I quickly recreated the light explosion in the top down toolkit character blueprint, now when I activate the light explosion it works, as it did, except for when I press shift and the character crouches, then the spotlight seems to switch off until I release shift. But the particle effect works no matter what state the character is in, standing, running or crouched. I just want the spot light to switch on with the particle effect anytime the player presses the button regardless of what movement the character is doing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!