Spotlight not rendering correctly.

Hi, in my project I am using a spotlight on the players head as a flashlight. It works fine in the default UE5 test level, but whenever I try to use it inside a map with a bunch of other lights, it renders really weird and shows circles, and shines on walls in the wrong directions. For reference the map I’m using to test this is the one provided with the “Big Star Station LUMEN” asset pack from the UE marketplace. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi KmanKten,

It will be helpful to include screenshots of what you’re seeing.

I still have the Star Station Assets installed, so I gave this a check and I’m not able to reproduce what you’re seeing.

Sorry it’s kind of hard to tell in the images. In the first one there are globes of light that follow the mouse and fade after a couple of seconds when shining the light far away. In the second one it almost looks as if the light is shining really close to the camera instead of on the objects. I can’t seem to replicate this in the test level, only in the star ship level. Apparently I can only post one picture per post so I’ll reply with the second one.

Here’s the second image: