Spotlight Issues in VR

Hi guys,

I have weird issue with spotlights specifically in VR. To give some more details, I have MSAA enabled and all the suggested VR performance adjustments including Forward Render. I have volumetric fog enabled as I want a slight ambiance of fog.

Point lights are operating normally however Spotlights when viewed from most angles appear “duplicated”, that is to say, the light source (emission point) appears to be duplicated, visible once in the center of each HMD lense (left/right). From far angles it looks normal but from the center point it appears to be duplicated.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what may be causing this?


Do you have Instanced Stereo Rendering Enabled?

May be related to this issue:

Indeed it is, thank you. UE-58981 is precisely the issue, occurs with UE 4.20 and 4.21