Spot light dont work in character

i put a spotlight in my third person character but when i press play i cant see the light even i go darker.


Have you attached the spotlight to the Mesh component?

Also try cranking up the Spotlight ‘Intensity’ to maximum for best chance of seeing it in the scene.


yes i did that but is not working

also my character is walking even i dont click w ? and also in third person character bp

the character mesh is probably casting a shadow, and since the light is inside it no light can come out

how can i fix it?

@zeaf The same thing crossed my mind, but when I checked it turned out not to be the case. (I think since the normals on the character mesh are facing outwards shadows are not cast)

There’s not much more guidance to be given when it comes to attaching a spotlight to the third person character. If you wanted to share some screenshots or video maybe we’ll notice something.

As far as character walking by itself… while playing type the console command showdebug input to see what inputs are active. (Maybe you have a controller plugged in with a slightly miscalibrated joystick?)