Split Screen post processing doesn't work

For some reason things like bloom don’t show up when Im in split screen.

When in single player

When in Split Screen

Im making a split screen game, and this looks terrible, is there a way to fix this?

In 4.7 Epic applied a Bug Fix where splitscreen caused unwanted artifacts when using certain post-processing features like bloom.
The fix was to disable those post processing features.

Now there is an enhancement request to allow people to turn them on suring splitscreen despite the unwanted artifacts:

I encourage you to Vote it up.

In the meantime the only workarounds I’ve heard of are to alter the engine source code so you can deactivate the “no bloom during splitscreen” flag. or make your own splitscreen via render targets.

I used the approach in my project, of downloading the source code version of the engine off of Epic’s GitHub, altering that one little 0 to be a 1 in the ShowFlags.cpp file, then compiling the entire engine and migrating my project to that engine version. It was a pain but it worked!

FYI: After some digging, it looks like this issue was fixed upstream as of Unreal 4.21.

Aww so I didnt have to compile my own version of the engine from source after all? Dang it.

Hi, I know it’s been a few years but I have an issue with post processing volumes in split screen using UE 5.0.3 where it applies if I only have one player but if I add another player it doesn’t work for either one? Is there a setting I have to apply when using split screen or is it not going to work? I’m relatively new to unreal.