SpeedTree Grass Lighting Issues

For all of you SpeedTree modelers… I made this grass in Speedtree and imported it. It looks as thought I may have lightmap issues but I am not sure how to go about fixing it. In the Speedtree Editor I made sure I had the Lightmap Density to a good size and also built the ambient occlusion. As far as I can tell the back side of each mesh is black but in Speedtree it looks great. Is there a setting I am missing? Thanks

Set your material to the Two-Sided Foliage shading model and hook up the base color to the Sub surface input and a value to opacity, you can start with 0 and go up from there. I wouldn’t bother with AO for your grass though, you’d want it to be as uniformly lit as possible.

That’s a known issue -> so atm you will have to create your own shader for the tree to get it solved (like Sitrec said): https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?54541-Speedtree-vegetation-shader-issue&highlight=speedtree


Ok thanks guys! I’ll check it out when I get home from work!

It worked great! Thanks guys!