Spawning particles at array of locations

Hello there,
I’m trying to have simple particles be spawned at an array of vectors. Googling I didn’t really find much, I can use.
I’m working on visualizing the knowledge base of a Roboter. The knowledge base contains a lot of information, about what movement was used in the past to achieve the task he desires. The important part about this is, that I get the information at run time, and then need to manipulate a particle system(PS) via c++, to spawn a particle at each given location.

Here are the ideas I had so far, but none of those seem like a good option to me.

  1. Having the particles be spawned at a high rate at relative (0,0,0), and just teleport the PS to the different locations.
  2. Essentially the first one, but somehow actually only spawning 1 particle at each spot. (This would be easy if there was a way to trigger the spawn/burst by hand, but I did not find a way)
  3. Putting the Array of locations as the array of point in a curve for the initial location, of course under consideration of the spawn Rate, this would essentially achieve, idea 2. However I did not find a way to access this via c++.

If you know a way to get any of these done, I would really appreciate it. I think I should be able to get 1. done myself, but this is obviously highly sub optimal, since it will spawn at multiple particles at the exact same location.
If there are other Ideas how to solve this, I’m open to anything, so please tell me.


Edit: Why is the formatting of the list messed up, in the preview it looks fine?