Spatialized sound ?

Does UE4 already support sound spatialization on Gear VR ? Last time I checked it wasn’t the case.

Make sure you use a mono wav file, then it should work as expected.

Well, when setting stuff up for Unity, there are parameters for reflections and such. I am not sure where all that in UE4.

There is a entry on the roadmap where it says “Full audio system rewrite”. So they will improve the current Audiosystem. I’am not sure how to handle reflections of sounds in UE4 actually. I can see that being handled automatically.

Doesn’t sound like UE4 has spatialized sound :confused:

Yea, it only works when using FMOD. :frowning:

“UE4 native audio uses Oculus audio SDK 1.0.0. It only uses the HRTF effect and does not allow custom room parameters.”

Most missing feature for the GearVR with UE4 :frowning:

HRTF is already a big improvement. I hope it works on GearVR aswell.

So, positional audio and HRTF isn’t good enough?

What would you use custom room parameters for?

Last time I checked (4.10) these were not working on the gearvr - and going by the comments above I don’t read anyone saying they did get it working on the gearvr - last comment I saw on it from Epic was it’s still not done for Android.

You have some other information?

Apparently no custom room parameters coming to UE4 any time soon.

No, I don’t have any info about positional sound and HRTF not working on Android. If you do, please report to Oculus and Epic.

A bit more info:

@aussieburger: the thing is that I haven’t tried audio stuff yet, and I am really sure what it should sound like to say it’s working or not. So if you can elaborate that to Epic and Oculus, please do that. Otherwise if bugs don’t get reported, chances are slim that they will be fixed.

In 4.11 preview, the HRTF spatialization with Oculus Audio plugin enabled does not work on GearVR. i.e if you turn around your head, you still hear the sound through both headphone speakers.

I tried reporting it, but it seems that AnswerHub is down (maybe just for me?). Please let me know if you are going to post it as bug report on AnswerHub or not. If not, I’ll report it then.

Never mind, I filed it:

I posted on answer hub but for those who cant be bothered looking:

To my knowledge the Oculus Audio Plugin was integrated very quickly for GDC last year and as such was only done so on the DX11 code path,
therefore it only works on PC See here for more details,
and here for the roadmap of the audio rework in ue4 which would most likely be when the audio plugin is updated for GearVR


Yea, i don’t think there will be last minute fix for Android audio with the old system. The priority is probably not that high aswell, i still hope they get this working for GearVR along with Vulkan.

Well, since Vulkan isn’t coming to S6 and I don’t expect S7 to sell any better than S6, I’d rather see existing kinks ironed out, especially with performance and audio.