Spatialized sound ?

Of course it has nothing to do with Vulkan itself, just maybe they put a bit more ressources into GearVR when this moves along.

Btw, how come Gunjack has spatialized sound?

Does Gunjack have spatialized sound ? I will try it later today. Maybe they use FMOD.
It may be possible to fake it for certain occasions by using left/right soundfiles and mixing them together based on the focus of the players ears.
But this is too much hassle right now, since real spatialized audio per Oculus SDK will come sooner or later to GearVR with the new audio system.

I keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

At this time it seems that both Oculus and Epic dropped the ball on Gear VR :frowning: Just too many small but critical things that are being reported just disregarded by the devs :confused:

Unity currently has an advantage on GearVR, sadly that’s true. :confused:

Looks like they have new audio system in and Audio SDK in. I might be mistaken, but worth testing out again.

Nothing about it being supported in Android yet in the release notes though unfortunately :frowning: : Unreal Engine 4.11 Released! - Unreal Engine
For example stereo 3D spatialization is not supported for android: “3D spatialization is now possible for stereo assets on PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms.”
I’m guessing it’s still not there for Gear VR

So, how do you work with sounds in your project ?

Official word about that

Thanks for the info - shame there’s still no native support for android :frowning:

So I did some digging, and apparently neither Wwise nor FMOD provide 3D spatial audio, unless this plugin is purchased:

So while Wwise has free license limited to 200 sounds, and FMOD has free license for unlimited number of sounds (but only 1 free project per year), we’d still have to fork over undisclosed amount for 3D spatialization plugin :confused:

Please correct me if I am wrong.

There is a glimmer of hope: Comprehensive tutorial for UE4 4.11 and Wwise + OV... - Oculus Community - 356371

4.13 and still no basic 3D sound for Gear vr ? :frowning: still a missing must have for 360 games…

And won’t be until … 4.15 (if even then). That’s why I use FMOD.

and that is working ok now? I tried that like 1.5 years ago and it caused bad performance in android. Got some instructions to get it up in running in 4.13 (or at least 4.12)?

Yeah, doesn’t seem to affect performance at all (I only have a handful of sounds though). Instructions are on their website.

maybe two years later this has been solved…

I’m using the Vive with Unreal 4.13.0 to try to make a spacialized sound music video. Any news on updates or plugins to accomplish this?

If you are on Windows, it should work out of the box.