SP/UE4 PBR Import

Can someone link me or suggest what is the easiest way to create a material using the textures you have painted in Substance Painter? Im still having difficulty understanding how PBR works in UE4 and which nodes are required in order to get final look as in substance painter.

Thanks Guys

The main ones you need to export and then plug into your material are the:

  • Diffuse/Albedo map
  • Normal map
  • Roughness map
  • Metallic map/mask

When you import the Normal map, open it in the texture editor (not material editor) and make sure that it’s using the normal map compression settings. Open the roughness and metallic maps and un-check the sRGB box. Then plug all the maps into your material and you’re good to go.

Also make sure that your Roughness and Metallic maps are set to linear (Uncheck sRGB)

If you are using the Unreal 4 output from SP, the Roughness and Metallic will be in the same texture - Red channel is Roughness, Blue is Metallic.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I finally figured this out myself. I do the same as the last poster said…worked fine until just recently.
My colors are too bright now. I don’t know if this is because of SP2 or UE4 4.11 (I upgraded both about the same time).
Is this because the substance plugin hasn’t been updated?

Nope its nothing to do with update, its the way that there are few different output methods in Substance. I am not frequent user of SP so perhaps better google it yourself, but its just about selecting proper output method in SP (under export) to get correct result. Also very important to uncheck sRBG for all textures except color/diffuse and normal map.