Some instances of assets turning black after building lighting

I have encountered an issue when I build the lighting in my scene, these rock assets turn black. The thing is I have 2 rocks in the scene from a few days ago (same asset) and they remain as expected after the lighting has been built. But any new instances of them dragged out from the content browser, they turn black. But if i alt click and drag one of the original rock assets that was already in the scene, they light as expected. The asset does have 2 uv channels so it shouldnt be a lightmap issue. Also i am getting an error saying that the rock assets are externally referenced. Not really sure what that means.


Hey Naga Studios,

Try right-clicking on the ‘Content’ folder within your content browser. Select the option, ‘Fix Up Redirectors in Folder’ to fix any redirectors you might have. These redirectors are referencing assets which could be part of the Externally Referenced issue.

In regards to the rock mesh rendering black, you mentioned you have two UVs for this mesh. Try opening the Stat Mesh editor by double-clicking the mesh in the content browser. By default you generally have one UV Channel. If you select the option, ‘Generate Lightmap UVs’, it will produce a second channel. You now need to assign the ‘Light Map Coordinate Index’ to 1.0 for the rock to render correctly.

Use the image below as a reference where to check the settings and values mentioned.

After making these changes, be sure to rebuild your scene and let me know your results.