Some Foliage and parts of foliage is black

Been trying out the Megascans trees in UE5 and got this issue where parts of a mesh or different instances of the same mesh just appear completely black.

Just seems strange that it’s only on some meshes. Especially in the second screenshot - both trunks are the same mesh with same settings, material etc, one works fine, one doesn’t.

Any ideas what this could be?

Still haven’t found a solution to this, just more questions the more I dig. Problem is related to the LOD’s and lightmaps. One of the LOD’s always appears black. So far, so good.

Can’t find a logic behind it though. If I bake 5 times, I get 5 different results. Sometimes LOD 0 is black, sometimes LOD 3 etc. It’s even inconsistent between instances e.g instance A has a broken LOD 2, but instance B of the same mesh is fine in LOD 2, but broken in LOD 1.

I could circumvent it all by using volumetric lightmap, but it doesn’t look natural in this scenario, so really need to get this working somehow.