[SOLVED] How to unbind Semicolon and Apostrophe from debug controls in PIE?

I need to use the Semicolon and Apostrophe keys as normal input actions, but when playing in the editor they are bound to debug functions - how do I unbind them?

In the project settings under “Gameplay Debugger,” I removed Apostrophe from the “Activation Key” command (set it to None), but it still activates debugging when I press play.
Under “Debug Camera Controller,” there aren’t even any input options, so I don’t see any way to unbind Semicolon.

I haven’t been able to find much online for disabling the debugger shortcut (and what I did find didn’t work), and nothing at all about disabling the shortcut for the debug camera.

Edit: Solved

The solution was to go to my engine install directory - UE_4.26 / Engine / Config / BaseInput.ini

Under [/Script/Engine.PlayerInput], change