[Solved] DFAO artifacts on large meshes at certain distances

Hello everyone, I read a number of similar topics but I wasn’t able to resolve my issue so apologies if I might have missed an obvious fix. I hope that someone might be able to shed some light on this particular case. I have a test scene set up with DFAO and while everything looks mostly fine, there are some artifacts that appear only at a certain distance and there are some weird star-looking shadows in corners of the test area. Also the spinning help button is completely black. I’ve increased the DF resolution scale but this didn’t resolve the issue. Is there anything else that can be done? Im using SunSky light setup with DF shadows and DFAO. Thanks in advance!


Hi, for large meshes you should disable “AffectDistanceFieldLightning” and use FarShadows instead (need to enable that in your mesh and in your directional light).

@chrudimer thanks for the suggestion, I tried it and while that does fix the issue it disables the distance field shadow which has some drawbacks. After experimenting some more I’ve actually noticed that those meshes are deformed via scaling which is the source of this problem. So that’s something to keep in mind which to be fair is noted in a couple of places in Epics documentation.

Did you bump up the DF resolution already? By how much?

In essence the problem is the model.
Make sure its not flat. The corners should be their own model that encompasses the whole corner section. I’d include the floor too.

If those are engine boxes just do an actor merge to put them all together. Floor too.
yes they can’t occlude, but the engine assets have 8 verts or so. And a meaningless material. So it shouldn’t impact performance at all.

This was just a test scene for lighting when the problem became apparent. Merging the actors does solve the issue since in that case the meshes won’t be scaled anymore. So non-uniform mesh scaling is the actual problem. Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile: