[Solved] Can't enroll for Island Creator (at 30+ days and 115h+ in UEFN)


I’m unable to sign up for the Fortnite Island Creator & Engagement Program with error: “your Epic account must have first logged into Fortnite at least 90 days before applying, and 21 of your last 90 days must include island editing”.

I first logged into my account few years ago (chapter 1 as seen here: https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/all/KamykerBeatAim/seasons).

I’ve been using UEFN almost every day since the release on March 23rd. Including today (Apr 23) that would be ~30 days of usage.

My Epic ticket case is: 25581692 with more information and screenshots.



Hi Kamyker,

I’m not sure how the tracking works, but I wonder if you’d need to launch a session for it to count a day. (Just using the UEFN editor and never launching a session may not trigger the counter)

Good Luck.

Hi Astrotronic,

At this point I was using UEFN for 1+ hour each day for 30+ days including launching a game.

In total I have 115h in UEFN, it’s getting a bit ridiculous

Thank you, I’ll call this out to the developers, thank you for providing the ticket number.


Thank you! Hopefully it can be fixed soon. I’ve lost all my motivation to use UEFN thinking that I will never be able to publish anything. :expressionless:

I’ve seen some creator portal fixes in 24.30 but unfortunately I still can’t enroll

It would be nice if you could view a counter of some sort to know exactly where you’re at. I’ve been working with UEFN every day for almost a few weeks now, but I don’t know if I can’t register because I haven’t clocked up enough hours or because there’s some other issue preventing me. It’d be nice to be able to rule things out.

Yep, I have no idea what’s going on with my account and why I can’t sign up. Even downloaded Epic Account data and there’s clear indication that I played for the first time in Season 3.

Couldn’t find anything there for UEFN usage but it’s 35+ days for me at this point. Maybe it’s not counting days at all for some reason?

@HalcyonKnight96 any ideas? It’s been 2 weeks since I contacted Epic Support and haven’t received any useful information so far.

150 hours and still can’t publish anything. :frowning:

We’re taking a look. Sorry for the hassle @Kamyker I’ll try to keep you updated.


@HalcyonKnight96 Thank you, looking forward for the update.

It’s finally working. THANK YOU!

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The same happen to me. I opened a ticket on the “Contact us for help”, waiting for a reply. Sadely the map I’m doing is very Xmass themed so if I don’t release it in this period it would make much less sens.

hey have u gotten it fixed?

hello anyone here i have been encountering the same problem as well the island creator program tells that you need to have atleast 7 days of editing in the last 30 days but i have been editing for 9 days constantly but still i cant apply for the island creator please fix it

Its been 7 days for me aswell would love to enroll asap. Thanks

Yep i got the problem too, they just brushed me off when i went for help with a ticket, completely useless

for me now i have this error, “The request is authenticated, but not authorized to access the resource.” it comes up in the eligibility step and I’m 9over 18, all the requirements are ticked, idk what to do.

hi i need help too i get the same message what you get i cant enroll bla bla bla what i need to do if you never see this ansver me on discord my dc is ESGO 0000 i hope i see you there bcs i need your help

anything happened now