So this is happening and i dont know why

So I’m trying to build a level and every time I build a second modular floor, the faces start acting out. I re UV’d this a few times and made sure there weren’t faces inside of edges also, made sure the objects weren’t intersecting. this happens every time I build my lights. Can someone help me figure this out?


It looks like z fighting to me… are you sure your meshes are not duplicated? Or the object doesn’t have duplicated faces?

you could also have two faces on top of each other in your model.

In Blender, you can eliminate double vertices and faces. I’m there’s something comparable in Maya or 3DS.

hey sorry for the long update. so I ended up downloading 4.20 and opened the project in that. and the faces don’t fight. when I took it back to 4.19 the faces started to fight again. but I ended up finishing my project in 4.20.