smoothing groups not rendering properly

Smoothing groups not rendering on random places on the same individual mesh. Baked lighting properly a dozen times with different light map sizes. Exported as a Fbx (Editable poly and Editable Mesh) From 3ds max 2015. It was looking perfect before (a day or so) but it has gotten worse as ive tried to fix this. I’ve reset the X-form made duplicates tried the normal modifier In max.Tried closing and reopening the project. Ive run out of ideas


import with normals and tangents? recompute tangents in the mesh browser in ue4?
Else… no clue untill I see the mesh myself.

I tried that to :confused:
I removed the HDR that is combined with the skylight/directional light and it seemed to fix it. Something within that blueprint setup or the lighting settings caused it no clue what it was