Smooth transistion (Contrast scene Past vs Present)

Hi Guys,

I am working on a scene based on on one of my drawings.The drawing depicts a floating city which is cut in half.
One side exposing the past glory of the city and the other side showing the city in the present and what it has turned into.
It is basically a mirror image (Good vs Bad) but a little more complex and symbolical and difficult to explain in a few words.

The difficulty I am having in the scene is developing that smooth transition that exists in the drawing.Walking from the good side past the mirror line to bad side.
I want the weather to gradually change (Get worse) and for some particle systems to kick in as i am crossing this mirror line and vice versa as you go back to the ‘good’ side of the scene.

How would i accomplish this?I have only been using UE4 for 2 months now and I haven’t really been working with more complex Blueprints to be honest but i am eager to learn.

I have attached some simple images I have found on Google to explain this contrast.I don’t yet want to post the drawing.

Thank you in advance,


Do you want a split-screen sort of look or just smooth transition between two parts while walking in them?


Thank you for the quick reply.I think a smooth transition would work better. Which would be more complex to achieve?

Split screen, as in looking at the island from a distance and seeing each part with different post processing) effect would be more difficult. For smooth transition all you want is two post process volumes with different color lookup tables. If tonemapping settings of the post process volume itself is enough you dont even need a lookup table. Check here for an example and free color lookup tables: Color Lookup Table Collection - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Thank you ! I will try this out.