Slate Performance Issues Without Slate

I’m running into significant performance issues labeled as Slate, even though there is no Slate in my game. I’m trying to get my latency down to <14ms for VR. “Stat Unit” shows GPU at 23ms+. The GPU Profiler shows the Scene taking ~11ms and Slate taking ~6ms. When I do “stat Slate” it shows Slate RT Present Time at ~14-17ms.

I am running this in a run.bat with the editor closed. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

I’ll also add that I did optimize the game to ~65fps (~13ms GPU) the other day, but even reverting back to that build still runs slowly. On that day SlateUI was ~0.45ms in the GPU Profiler.

I’ve tested this further. It seems to occur even in a fresh blank project, and be related to VR. I’m working with the HTC Vive. In standalone the GPU Profiler shows 0.0 ms in Slate when outside of VR. As soon as I hit alt+enter and go into stereo I end up with 4-6ms of SlateUI in the profiler.

I can understand that there might be some if slate is being used as an overlay mask in the engine for whatever reason, but it doesn’t make sense that it would use up 4-6ms.