Skype Group for Developers and Newbies

Been active in this chat for a day or so now, and I feel right at home :slight_smile:
Kind people, helpful and funny :slight_smile:

Let’s give it a try ! :3

We have nearly reached 100 members in our skype group which is great, along with having google hangouts everyday averaging 5-15 people at a time.

Before i joined this group i couldn’t walk, now i can run marathons!

I want to join the skype group but Meat_Helix hasn’t let me in yet :<

Mmm, I click on the button but with no effect. I think that if I add Meathead manually is the same thing. Right?

I have got both requests and now are in the group :smiley:

I sent a request.

So 115 users already, hangouts are going nuts with 10-15 people at a time helping each other in anything and everything. We got hardcore programmers and artist who are helping out the people when they can :slight_smile:

Sent a request, cheers for creating this.

It’s party central over on Skype. If you’re looking for a great community to chat to while you’re working/pooping/whatever, the Skype discussion is the place to be :>

Skype group has grown considerably since Meat started it. Plus the Main google hangout has become a hot spot for people discussing, exchanging ideas, and helping one another along the way.
I for one am thankful for the help from the guys in this group.

Should consider giving it a go. WHo knows, you might become addicted.

Still going strong with over 120 members and growing :slight_smile: hangout groups are always full :slight_smile: its been a great success!

Still waiting to get my hands on the engine (no credit card :confused: ) but I send a request in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Just got added! People always on and talking it’s great!

You can get popcorn and join a hangout. :slight_smile:

Once i get my monitor i’ll also join.

Sign up another Meat! :slight_smile:

sure why not, i’ll join as well.

I will also join now to see what you guys are talking there :stuck_out_tongue: