Skype Group for Developers and Newbies

Hey guys and girls,

So I thought why not create a new group for people to get to know each other and maybe help each other out when in need. I know there are a few people who are already well known and know each other but this is for everyone newbies too pro’s:) so anyway I have a few rules involved.

  1. No Spamming
  2. Must be 18 or older to swear
  3. If you want to send files do so outside of the group too the other person

How to stop getting notification while in the group

  1. Click on the Conversation up the Top
  2. Select Notifiations Settings
  3. Select one of the settings in the list :smiley:

And most of all have fun and lets mess with UT4!

The link is broken it seems.

Yep, I have problemes too.

Should be fixed now.

There are already a number of channels for unreal development that you can use.

#UDKC on GameSurge is actually populated by both UDK and UE4 developers.
You should join us to avoid the risk of splintering the community.

I don’t see harm having a skype group. I for one use skype 24/7, not so much for irc…

I don’t usually go on IRC chat, this is for people who usually have skype open and want to chat when they feel like it, while knowing that people are in there also. Along with that you can stop notifications so that it does not distract you. I dont believe we are splitting it just more ways of communicating

Come to skype. It’s a good group of guys.

Will be accepting requests later today for I have to sleep :), feel free to add and I will add you too group when I wake up, starting to get a good group of people.

I understand your enthusiasm, but the forums are just getting cluttered up with stupid threads like this after just two days. This is spam in my eyes!

we already have 11 people in this group, people with questions and answers… I have enjoyed my stay thus far and gotten few really good ideas what to do next (learning-wise, software-wise). If you got nothing to add, move on or I call Superman! :slight_smile:

Loooooooooooooool :wink: :smiley: :cool:

16 people are in group, we need more developers in here.

If you use Skype, its a good place to network and share your experience.


I am awake! If anyone wants to chat with a great group/community then this is the spot :slight_smile:

Rules me out :slight_smile:

But on topic, you know what would be better then this?

Meeting up in-game with full VOIP support.


Exceptions can be made, just for you :slight_smile:

Updated, you must be 18 and over to swear :slight_smile:

> IRC Chat

> Internet relay chat chat

Skype becoming the most used chat program out there :smiley: for IM and Calls. I used IRC about 5-7 years ago when my pc was shotty but now I have skype just sitting in the background chilling. Skype is the future!

This group is becoming rather large, and everyone seems really cool. SO COME JOIN