Skype Group for Developers and Newbies

Just joined and it’s growing!

I’ll join i love talking over ip. I’ll be glad to help anyone i can, when i can.

> PIN number

> Personal Identification Number number

Gotta agree with Bob. Don’t be selfish.

someone add me to the group: victorprime

Another source for people too communicate, Its not being selfish at all. Skype is becoming main stream for communications and with groups its a great addition for people too communicate all at once, If people want to use IRC then that’s fine but this is just for the people who are a Skype user like myself.


I don’t see the harm in creating a Skype group. Many people now a days use Skype as a medium for communication.

IRC is old school. It serves it’s purposes. How ever from my experience over the past 20 plus years of IRC. It’s slower then molasses.
Skype, it has it’s purpose, and I enjoy the multiple conversations with people responding instantly compared to waiting for a day to hear an answer.


WTf is with all the Skype haters?

The nineties called, they want their IRC back.


How I learned to stop being a hipster and embrace progress.

We are getting quite large here, with our group and we are now doing random hangouts for the people who love to talk over mic :slight_smile:

Good group of people, would recommend it.

I just sent a FR on Skype.

This sounds fun. I sent you a friend request. :slight_smile:

We are running our Google Hangout right now!

Come join! group is getting bigger and bigger.

Sounds like fun! I’ll join. Always wanted to do something like this.

With over 70+ users and always active chat we are going strong. So if you want to chat while building something awesome why not jump in :slight_smile:

Hmm, good idea. I’m not a skype lover, but will take a look later.
I think google+ have better tools for this kind of online meetings though. There are some dev groups using that and I think it is very comfortable to use.

We also do google hangouts mostly everyday :). Skype is great for when people are all together and ask for a hangout quite a few jump in :smiley:

Join the Unreal Skype chat today!