Skylights don't work on Android

Do Skylights supposed to work on Android platform? No matter what I do they have no effect on my environment.

You can replicate the problem by creating a first-person project (any other will do fine) > create an empty level > add three cubes (big floor and two on top for shadows) > add movable directional light and skylight (as shown below).

since there’s no skybox, to capture light from, I’m using a simple cubemap for the skybox (it doesn’t work with an actual skybox either). In the world settings set Force No Precomputed Lighting (to save time, with lightmaps doesn’t work either). Build Light Only > Set up the Project Settings and send to Android device or Packing Project for Android. The result is as expected minus skylight

I’ve tried to go the other way and use Post-Process Ambient Cubemap but it doesn’t work either. Seems like cubemaps on android is no go.

Hi aristides,

A Sky Light with Static Mobility will be baked completely into the lightmap for static objects and therefore costs nothing. This is the only kind of sky light that is supported on mobile.

Here is the documentation about how development for mobile is restricted on UE4.

Good luck!

Just wanted to provide a working link for the mobile lighting: