Skylight Reflection on Interior Scene?

Hi, I`ve have updated to v4.9 and I notice that Skylight is reflecting on my interior scenes… Don’t remember if v4.7 does not did that.

Please see my attached images for reference (disabling and enabling “affect world” after calculating GI:

What is the radius of that reflection capture actor?

Hi Jacky, please find these 2 screenshots showing the Front View of the model (a red sphere inside a white box with a window)

I have the 2 reflection captures:

  • Sphere Reflection capture (inside) de red sphere with the Radius bigger than the container box (for the red sphere material reflection)
  • Box Reflection capture (bigger than the white container box (for soft reflections of the internal box)

Thanks for helping!

Ok, try scaling down the size of those reflection captures so that they dont go beyond those walls and see how that looks. If it doesnt work, delete and recreate the reflection capture actors.