Skylight not capturing Skybox.


I have a skybox setup. An actor, with a static mesh and a material.
The static mesh it a sphere (size 400 for XYZ), the option cast shadows is turned OFF.
The material, is a two sided unlit material, with a cubemap as texture with a Reflection Vector plugged in the UVs.

The skybox works.

Every object inside this skybox is black, as it should be. But IFAIK, if a sky light is placed in the scene, it should capture the skybox and lit the objects, am I right ?
This isn’t happening, objects still unlit, only if i plug my cube map direct into the skylight it works…

I’am probably missing something here, any help is very appreciated.


If i’m doing something wrong, can someone teach me how to properly setup a custom skybox and have the skylight working ?

Adjust your Skylight Threshold. If the skybox you’ve setup isn’t large enough then the threshold isn’t reached to read from your skybox. You can lower the threshold and see if that immediately solves it or just scale up the skybox as needed.

Hi Tim! Thanks very much for your answer.

You are absolutely right, that did the trick, now, could you explain something to me ? When playing with the sky distance threshold, I can go from 100 to 30000 without any change in lightning (my skydome have 1000 scale in XYZ), but if I pass the 33000 mark, it starts to get darker and darker (looks like a quadratic curve ?). Is there a way to find the correct value to insert into the skylight threshold ?

Thanks very much for your help!

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