Skylight doesn't work on some object

I use advance lighting level from starter kit. I don’t know what I did wrong but after some time the SM_AssetPlatforn doesn’t got lit from skylight so the shadow become black. Please help! I’m confuse.

Hey Musetatron,

Would you mind providing me with some screenshots, as well as some reproducible steps so I can see what you possibly did in order to assist you?

The great thing about the ‘Starter Content’ is you can always delete the ‘Starter Content’ folder itself, and re-add it to the Content Browser. This will reset everything back to its default state.

Simply use the ‘Add New’ option within the browser. Select the add new feature or content pack, and add the ‘Start Content’. As a note, be sure you do not add the Mobile Starter Content.

Let me know if you need help after attempting the suggested steps.


Thank you for the answer. It’s fixed.