Skylight color in sequencer

I tried using the sequencer to set the skylight color and came across this issue:

Wondering what the easiest workaround for this would be? I’m hoping to have the color change over a long period (half an hour ish), would this be simple to set up with blueprints? Still quite new to UE!

Yeah, sorry, this bug won’t be fixed until 4.18.

As a workaround, you could probably send a custom event from a sequencer event track which would call the SetLightColor function on the blueprint.

Thanks Max, sorry - incredibly slow response!

The scene over a period of around half an hour goes from misty and overcast to a kind of deep red and very foggy (as in the shots). I’d like to be able to lighten the shadows (the way the skylight does) and so the change in color needs to be gradual. I guess triggering the color change as suggested couldn’t fade over the time period? I wonder if I could double up the directional lights, one with shadows on and one with them off to fill in a bit?

I’ve been trying to trigger the color change with the event track (if I have to I can manually add a large number of keyframes to make the transition smooth) but can’t get the event to fire…

Answering my own Q, but may be handy for anyone who comes across this.

I set it up so it checks the color of the main light in the scene and copies that - and it used the event track to trigger this check a large number of times over the animation so the color change is smooth.

Hi, I’m not sure if you’re still active in this forum but I can’t really follow what you just did. I have little knowledge with blueprint but how did you work between Skylight, Level and Event in Blueprint. I’m not familiar with some of the nodes with targets and the variable that you worked with.