Sky is glitchy on mobile

Normal level just exported to mobile and i get this anyone know what causes this??

Bump, still on this for the life of me i dont know how to debug it has to do something with my skysphereBP but it works fine on other projects not sure why its only this project. I found a temp fix to duplicate project and when i export it works but when i launch for the second time it goes back to this so it must be my config settings because new project resets it and launching it overwrites it maybe? if anyone knows how to fix or help debug big thanks

Hey thanks for the answer so it was on scalable i changed it to maximum and ASTC, ETC1 both dont make a difference the others failed to export but still it must be this project only because i did make a new project and normal launch ASTC worked fine, it cant be my map because i made a new level in the same project and no difference

after changing a million settings and like a hundred exports turns out it was near clip plane was set to 1 and when i set to 10 it works…