Sky Creator

That’s a silly bug indeed! Enabling this shadow was just a typo probably, because I remember that I had a task to turn compass shadows off… Anyway I’ll add this to a bug fix list.


Please add, when you can, some sparkling stars!!! I need some realistic stars in the night but no sky generator in the unreal market has this kill feature with some depth parameters too. Great thing a layer with star image but within layers of optional sparkling stars those would be a very great feature for the night replica! Another feature is real stars position for lat. and long. in past and feature scenary…
Thank you again, I have asked this on marketplace too…

Yeah, I remember and that feature sounds great! Update 1.10 was far from the last one, so you definitely can expect it in one of next updates!

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Thank you Dmitry,
I will send you in private some images about the project (VR, Windows, cinematic and Ipad), those stars are for a nocturnal sky for an important museum project about the 3D rebuilding of an ancient Roman villa… but I think that are cool for all the nocturn skyes…
Thank you again

Alright. But how did you made volumetric clouds VR-compatible?

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Hi Dmitry,
you have reason, we have mutiple asset and tool on this project. I use a branch with UDS and works perfecly in VR with Oculus Swift S. UDS is not an engine plug-in but an asset per project. The volumetric clouds works with ray tracing too (PNY RTX 3090).
Sky Creator has the same defect of Oceanology at first (Oceanlogy works perfetcly in VR now!), I see volumentric clouds and weather only on left eye and the sky map is not visible at all! Then is very important add SC for VR too, it’s a priority to extende and complete your wonderful tool, you don’t think?
Thank you

Well, UDS and Sky Creator both use same Volumetric Cloud Component from 4.26+ engine versions (with custom materials), so I still don’t understand how did you manage it to work in VR when this component don’t really support it… Though I never tested it in VR myself yet.

Hi Dmitry,
I have write to the programmer of Oceanology ( Oceanology in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace ( that had the some problem now resolved on his Ocean simulation… UDS and Oceanology works very well integrated (sky and water) and both haven’t problem in VR, the volumetric clouds are animated in VR (Oculus Rift S and RTX 3090). I will test now with HDR skydome of UDS + volumetrics cloud too. The night HDR shydome of Sky Creator have problems in VR too…

I guess I’ll need to have a proper look at it in VR. Can’t promise anything, but will see.
Thanks for the info!


If you don’t have VR setup, someone here can try it for you if you provide a test scene :slight_smile: