Skip Rendering

Is it possible to skip rendering from game loop (basically i would want to execute physics only)?

Hey there @KTImam! This is a bit out of my wheelhouse, but you might be able to try to run the game in headless mode as described by this post here. Command -nullrhi should allow you to run the game without rendering, but I’m unsure of the ramifications as this is mostly used for server setups. If you try it, me know how/if it works for you!

Thanks for the feedback. Headless mode would still sync actual timeframe. What i need is a way to run a simulation as fast as possible and only get the final result.

Ahhh so more like simulating the physics tick stack as quickly as possible to just basically generate the result. That makes more sense! Apologies, I am unaware of any native functionality to be able to manipulate the physics ticks this way. If you’re proficient in C++ and the source you may be able to get around it.